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Marching for equal rights



The teabaggers should be happy. A well-attended gay rights march in Washington yesterday got a a few lines of type in the Democrat-Gazette this morning, no photo.

The New York Times has more coverage that reports on a community whose activists are no longer confined to major coastal cities and many of whom are impatient with a president who promised to be their advocate.

Known as Stonewall 2.0 or the Prop. 8 Generation (a reference to the galvanizing effect that the repeal of California’s same-sex marriage law had on many young people), these activists, in their 20s and 30s, are at odds with advocates urging patience as Mr. Obama grapples with other pieces of his domestic agenda like the health care overhaul and the economic recovery.

“I think this march represents the passing of the torch,” said Corey Johnson, 27, an activist and blogger for the gay-themed Web site “The points of power are no longer in the halls of Washington or large metropolitan areas. It’s decentralized now. You have young activists and gay people from all walks of life converging on Washington not because a national organization told them to, but because they feel the time is now.”

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