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Best television show ever?



Brummett says "Mad Men," with influential protagonist Don Draper, might qualify as best ever. He concedes it's hard to rule out Andy Griffith.

I like "Mad Men." Wouldn't miss it. But I couldn't wholly dismiss this comment from writer Kurt Andersen on Twitter the other day just after I'd had another rassle with the show's puzzling narrative arc, overdrawn characters and dream sequences:

Mad Men is an entertaining wax museum, not good drama. Absent the clothes & furniture & nostalgic artifacts, it'd be close to unwatchable.

Also, Andersen observed:

Mad Men alone occupies the old bestselling-literary-novel niche: consumed by <1% of Americans, but a ubiquitous touchstone for the elite

Watch it tonight on AMC at 7 p.m. (it's rebroadcast, too) and draw your own conclusion.

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