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Corporate welfare lament



Worth a thread of its own, I think, is the sad state of North Carolina. It put together a $300 million-plus corporate welfare package to lure a Dell computer plant. The plant is about to close, putting 900 people out of work. The governor huffs and puffs about getting the money back. Right. She also says the state will keep paying bribes to lure business. Governors are simply addicted to the crack cocaine of corporate welfare. Or addicted to the cash they receive from the chief beneficiaries of corporate welfare.

Which reminds me of the millions Arkansas  has given to lure 200 $13-an-hour jobs to the Texarkana Cooper Tire plant (where, for all we know, the workers live in Texas anyway) This followed a shakedown of several states by Cooper for the best handout.. We gave them millions in cash. We've suspended their property taxes. The union made huge givebacks, including allowing new workers to come in at dirt-cheap pay. I'd like to see a sharp pencil put to cost/benefits on this deal. No Arkansas politician will dare do it.

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