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A tale of two candidates



The derision for Nobel winner Obama is piling deep on the right (and not a few lefties are allowing that it might be a little early for the honor). But I was struck by the response from two Republican presidential candidates.

There's the perpetually petulant Mike Huckabee, who whines while saying he's not (undoubtedly pissed that the prez is going to score $1.4 million):

There will be an outcry from those on the right who will say that Obama's nomination, made two weeks into his Presidency, is impossible to justify but I think such an outcry will sound like right-wing whining. The better response is simply to allow those on the left to explain what he did in his first two weeks as President that merited such recognition. Then there's Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty:

During Pawlenty's Friday morning WCCO radio show, "Lou from St. Paul" called in to say: "I haven't heard you congratulate the president on receiving the Nobel Prize....What is it you're waiting for?"

Pawlenty responded: "Regardless of the circumstances, anytime somebody wins a Nobel Prize I think an appropriate response is to say, 'Congratulations'."

... Pawlenty added that he was "struggling" with the question over whether the prize was awarded more for process than results.

Meanwhile, Laurie Masterson, Fayetteville school library book cleanser and teabagger-in-chief in NWA, has gone nuts on the Nobel. Tweets from her Twitter feed in less than an hour:

@robymatthews but just being president? Is that the bar now? Why didn't Regan get one? Ending the cold war without a shot fired doesn't?

RT @JudicialWatch: Obama Joins Nobel Hall Of Shame - http://tinyurl.com/yh3mrbv
RT @mrjawright: @TolbertReport Obama "I will accept this award as a call to action." //Um...i didn't think it worked that way.

RT @TPO_Hisself: Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama Attacks Moonreleasing interplanetary plague tht has bn frozen n lunar Ice 4 thousands years.

RT @freemanhunt: RT @kirstiealley I agee with the tweeter who said it" s like winning an oscar before the film had been shot...

RT @KRyanJames: BREAKING NEWS: Barack Obama to start ahead of Tim Tebow against LSU. #tcot #fb bahahhahaha

RT @Drudge_Report: OBAMA: 'SURPRISED AND DEEPLY HUMBLED'... http://tinyurlAward must be shared by ALL that "share" his views.... wonder if that means we have to fly them all over there to receive it??
Obama says he doesnt deserve Peace Prize I'LL SAY 
RT @ARCCABlog: Ate soup for breafast this morning. Waiting for my Nobel Peace Prize. (via @angryczeck) Ive always wanted an Olympic medal.
RT @KRyanJames: On day America bombs the moon, the president is given the Nobel. #tcot27 minutes ago from TweetDeck
What is so great about getting something for NOTHING! if he has ANY integrity he would not accept it in the name of HONOR!
is absolutely devastated with the mediocrity WE have allowed to seep into our country! I pray to God we have enough ppl 2 stand up STOP IT
I wonder if WE get to pay for the trip to pick up his prize?
Al Gore says it is an honor for our country for Obama to win the Nobel Prize, man what an endoresement

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