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Thanks to Cato for pointing me to a website of a scholar devoted to cataloguing Mike Huckabee's extremism. It's not light work to keep up with Huckawhoppers. Much of it's familiar: His approval of discrimination against gay people; his calls for the U.S. to leave the UN and abolish the IRS. I'd missed this one, about the threat of a nuclear device using electromagnetic impulses to knock out power and communications in the U.S. for maybe years:

On September 10, Governor Huckabee the keynote speaker on day two of the EMPACT America conference on the threat from electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attacks. At the event sponsored by food and beverage maker Steuben Foods, Huckabee warned his audience about the usual suspects. Citing his experience in dealing with devastating ice storms that left his home state of Arkansas without power for 21 days:

Huckabee agreed with Dr. Fritz Ermarth, former chairman of the National Intelligence Council, who told the attendees on Wednesday the greatest threat of an EMP attack would likely come from so-called rogue states like Iran or North Korea or from a terrorist network like al-Qaida.

Recalling the unpredicted terrorist attacks of 9/11, Huckabee said, "The greatest threat we face today is the naiveté about the threat of our enemies. Any country who has the capacity to explode a nuclear device is a threat."

Huckabee's penchant for hyperbole, as ever, stands out. From news coverage:

The former Arkansas governor said he learned firsthand about the devastation and chaos a loss of electricity can cause when an ice storm knocked out power in his home state for up to 21 days in some communities.

“There was no communication, no transportation, no heat or food,” Huckabee said. “When we were able to get in to some of those areas (by helicopter) the people there asked us what the news was and I told them, ‘You are.’ ”

As I recall, the storm didn't prevent people from firing up their cars and driving to newspaper boxes. Or turning on battery-powered radios to get a headline or two. Of course, in Huckabee's view, everything that happens to him is the best or worst ever. He famously ruled the ice storm the worst natural disaster in Arkansas history,  something of a surprise to those with memory of the 1927 flood.

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