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Conservatives rebound



NY Times columnist Charles Blow rounds up a variety of indicators of surging conservatism -- the closing gap between Republican and Democratic identification among voters for one.

What's up?

Is this a reaction to a new Democratic administration in general or to President Obama in particular? Maybe it’s the manifestation of something more deeply rooted in our behavior.

A hundred and fifty years ago, Abraham Lincoln framed conservatism thusly: “What is conservatism? Is it not adherence to the old and tried, against the new and untried?” It was and still is. Conservatism for some is a collective mooring against the waves of change. It is a reflexive reaction to uncertainty.

The Obama administration’s response to the financial and automotive crises and its pursuit of a wide range of reforms is the epitome of new and untried. Major change has come much too quickly for far too many. The response: retreat to a cocoon of conservatism.

Nothing illustrates this better than the health care reform debate. Fear of change and the uncertainty it brings is driving a large portion of the opposition.

Blow closes with the big political question:

I believe that fear is fleeting and anger subsides. The question is: Where are we along the arc of anxiety? If it persists, it could spell real trouble for the Democrats a year from now.

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