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Tim Griffin, a GOP candidate for Congress in the 2nd District, says he's raised $130,000 since announcing Sept. 21. U.S. Rep. Vic Snyder, whom Griffin hopes to oppose, typically doesn't begin fund-raising until closer to the election.

Also on the money front: We're waiting for Republican Gilbert Baker's report on his opening cash roundup for the GOP nomination to face U.S. Sen. Blanche Lincoln. He'll lead the Repub pack. $300,000 to $500,000 is the betting spread. Lincoln is up in the $5 million range so far.

Also of interest: U.S. Rep. Mike Ross' coming quarterly report, which, like Lincoln's, will be a handy one-stop directory to Washington lobbyists. We'll particularly be looking to the names from the polluters "put" party held to shower cash on Ross hours before he voted with the polluters on cap and trade.


Devoted Jim Holt fan Debbie Pelley provides an update on the potential Holt candidacy in an e-mail:

I talked to Senator Holt just before he had this interview with the writer of the following article by Jim Brown [about Holt's interest in seeking the seat again, as he did in 2004].  He truly wants to do the right thing for the people at this time and is only considering the race. My concern (and I think Senator Holt agrees with me) is that the leadership of the Republican party has picked the candidate for US Senate for us again in Arkansas.  They are throwing all their weight and money behind him and not giving the people the opportunity to make the decision nor a chance to really see how this candidate has voted in the past -   much like they did with the candidate for US President in this last election.    The real Republicans (the people) desire less government control.  The leaders of the Party spout that line but rarely  govern that way. Some of  the Republican candidates in the race now  have no voting record to see how they will vote and have not been in office yet to see if they can withstand the pressure to compromise. Senator Holt has both a voting record and has stood the test and never backed down. 

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