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Odds are ...



... the house will win when lottery tickets go on sale at midnight tonight. (No, I won't be staying up. But by all means report your winnings here.)

Stephens Media today runs down the odds on winning, as listed on tickets -- such as the 880,000-1 odds on the $100,000 prize in one $5 scratchoff game. The odds aren't much better on the $3,000 top prize in a $1 game. , near 800,000-1. But remember, too, that the top prize ticket might already be sold while other tickets are still being sold. That means your odds for the top prize then are zero in a jillion. Generally, you have a 25-in-100 chance of getting your bet back. At Oaklawn Park on the electronic games, it's more than 94-in-100.

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