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In defense of Mike Ross



John Brummett sees U.S. Rep. Mike Ross as a victim of the politics of destruction in the uproar over his profitable sale of a pharmacy while he carries the chain drugstores' freight in Congress. (For still more supporting fire, see the triple flutterblast in support of Ross on the editorial page in today's D-G.)

I've said previously that I put little stock in the suggestion of illegal actions in the drug store deal. (It is also true that full details of the deal have not been disclosed and experts who pronounced it seemingly kosher did so without possession of those details, though I suspect their judgment is correct.)

But you can be a legal innocent and still be a prostitute for special interests -- polluters, insurance companies, gun nuts, whoever.  Appearances do matter when the interests you advocate strenuously happen to have served -- and continue to serve through family employment -- your own financial interests.

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