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We're a (fat) poster child



Letter to editor today in New York Times:

Re “The Eeuww! Ads” (editorial, Sept. 14), about New York’s anti-soft-drink ad campaign:

Two states, West Virginia and Arkansas, have excise taxes on soft drinks; they rank among the nation’s 10 states with the highest obesity rates.

While full-calorie soft drink sales have steadily declined by 9.6 percent nationwide since 2000, obesity rates for adults and children have increased during the same time.

Low- and no-calorie options have increased dramatically, yet again, national obesity rates have risen. This should serve as a reminder that obesity is a serious and complex problem that requires thoughtful and comprehensive solutions.

Using the tax code or ad campaigns to encourage the arbitrary elimination of certain foods from the diet is simply the wrong approach.

Susan Neely
President and Chief Executive
American Beverage Association

I don't think it's the soft drinks making us fat. Speaking here for myself (and many other fat people I've observed), we stick to diet soda pop. (They work great, don't they?)

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