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Driving home from the SPJ blogging program, I noticed a number of cars outside Republican state headquarters.

Should anybody notice white smoke signifying a new executive director, drop a line here. One GOP campaigner predicted confidently yesterday that Chase Dugger would get the nod. Another told me this morning, equally confidently, that it would be Alice Stewart. So. A reminder that Blake Rutherford will talk to Stewart on his radio show on The Buzz, 103.7, at 8 a.m. Sunday.

UPDATE: A regular Republican correspondent said he'd just heard from Chase Dugger that he'd been chosen to be the Arkansas Republican Party's next executive director.

AND SPEAKING OF REPUBLICANS: Doug Thompson writes from Northwest Arkansas that Sen. Gilbert Baker's "Benton County problem" (AKA Dave Bisbee) may not be so bad as supposed. Money helps. Talk is that Baker will raise $500,000 this month. Or maybe that's just talk. But you can certainly count on $250,000-plus, which is pretty good out of the box for a new candidate early in the process.


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