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Republican leadership UPDATE



How slow is it this morning? Slow enough to refer you to a thread over at The Arkansas Project about competition between Chase Dugger and Alice Stewart to be executive director of the Arkansas Republican Party. A choice may be made at a GOP state committee meeting this Saturday.

Can the RPA afford an executive director, between modest fund-raising and State Chair Doyle Webb's salary? Just asking a question I've heard from other Republicans.

Better question to ponder: Can the Republicans afford to have Doyle Webb as chairman during an election year when Democratic Party fiscal soundness (increasing deficit, cost of health care, etc.) will be a resoundng theme of  Republican figureheads such as state party chairmen. Webb faces foreclosure on a family florist business leveraged to the tune of $600,000 or so. Most believe the debt was run up to provide cash to other  enterprises that have run into a poor economy. Whatever all the underlying details, an ideal spokesman for fiscal responsibility Webb currently is not.

UPDATE: Stewart, maybe the party's new director by then, will be on Blake Rutherford's radio show at 8 a.m. Sunday morning on The Buzz, 103.7 FM. He says they'll be talking about all these issues.

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