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Mike Ross: Touchy UPDATED



U.S. Rep. Mike Ross is mighty touchy about the ProPublica reporting of his pharmacy windfall. They're leftists. It's baseless. Etc. Here's a news release. He's been Twittering like crazy, too.

He's particularly sore about the call for a Justice Department investigation from another nonprofit watchdog group. Understandably. But he also claims that Democrat-Gazette reporting this morning "validates" his claim that his property sold at fair market value. That's simply a lie. The reporting lent some support to his claim that his pharmacy sale wasn't extraordinary, but it produced no comparable sales or other hard data to counter the claim of a local real estate appraiser -- and tax records -- that his real property sold at an inflated value. And as my item earlier detailed, the story lacks far too many details on the investment and sale terms to say Ross has been cleared of a charge that he got a sweetheart deal. But do you expect truth from "rightists?"

UPDATE: The Ross story is getting more play than I can recount, from left, right and mainstream media. Example: The NY Daily News commenting on that "leftist" group that Ross said has filed an utterly political complaint:

No word yet whether the Justice Department will launch an investigation, but if CREW’s impressive scandal scorecard full of disgraced lawmakers is any indication, Ross might want to plan on using some of his cash to lawyer-up.

UPDATE II: Ross must be feeling heat. He has asked USA Drug to waive a confidentiality agreement so he can release all details of the sale agreement. Good idea. There are other details he could release without that, such as his personal investment in the real estate and current income from rent and salary and any other payments.


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