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Huckstering with Dobson UPDATE



Mike Huckabee came zinger-ready (shovel-ready would be apt for those in the audience) to the "values voters" summit in Washington staged by James Dobson's Family Research Council to whip Republican politicians into line on the anti-choice, anti-gay, pro evangelical Christian agenda.

The politician-turned-pundit delivered a hard-hitting attack at the summit, sponsored by the socially conservative Family Research Council, knocking President Obama and Democrats on reliably social conservative issues like abortion. But Mr. Huckabee, who now is the host of a show on Fox News, also addressed hot-button issues like health care, the economy and the president’s recent decision on the missile shield.

The “audacity of hope,” Mr. Huckabee said, referring to the title of one of Mr. Obama’s books, has become the “audacity of hypocrisy.”

A straw vote is scheduled to gauge the love for Huckabee and other potential 2012 contenders. This crowd is in the Huck's wheelhouse, as the baseball writers say.

UPDATE: At a press conf. afterward, Huckabee blasted former President Jimmy Carter for saying racism explained some of the most strident criticism of President Obama. How can you say there's racism any more when Oprah and Tiger Woods are rich, The Huckster said. With The Huckster, it is always about the money. Always.

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