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Act Blue (as if)



Firedog Lake is raising money through Act Blue  to try to get a message to the chief Arkansas  obstacles to meaningful heath coverage for all Americans.

Arkansas Sen. Blanche Lincoln and Rep. Mike Ross are doing the bidding of the insurance industry to block the public health insurance option. But a majority of all Arkansans, and 80% of Arkansas Democrats, support a public option. Lincoln and Ross are out of touch with their constituents, and out of touch with the Democratic Party.

We want to air this ad in Arkansas, where 60% of Arkansas Democrats statewide and nearly 100% of Democrats in Mike Ross's district will see it over and over again for two weeks on prime time network TV. We need you to stand with Arkansas Democrats and help put this ad on the air - can you chip in $25, $50, or even $100?

Let Blanche Lincoln and Mike Ross know that they need to stand with Arkansas Democrats on the public option -- or we'll find someone who will.

Change Congress has also targeted Mike Ross.

And the following billboard is headed to LR, courtesy of another lobby working for beter health care.


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