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Racism? What's new?



Gene Lyons has a fresh take in Salon on attacks on President Obama. What's new? Pay attention during the Clinton years to the Falwellian lies and nonsense? One difference is that Maureen Dowd wasn't rising to Clinton's defense.

It's important to remember that the same hysteria attended FDR's creation of the New Deal. America was going communist! Abandoning the Constitution! Casting aside our sacred freedoms! That's how the GOP's Henny Penny faction reacted to Social Security.

Panic may abate after Congress passes healthcare reform -- although if Obama signs a law requiring mandatory health insurance without a public option to restrain industry price gouging, there could be hell to pay.

But unease runs deeper. In my hometown paper today, there's word of a factory manufacturing stainless-steel sinks shutting down, a sawmill cutting production to one day a week and Eli Lilly & Co. announcing the elimination of 5,500 jobs.


It's still the economy, stupid.

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