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The line is open.

If I can, I'll check back on a couple of school issues -- one being the property tax increase for a new $100 million Fayetteville High School. Predictions have been -- even from some supporters -- that the tax will fail. Teabaggers have been in hysterics over the issue.

There's only one race to watch in Pulaski County -- incumbent Margo Tenner, who serves a mean plate of catfish at her downtown diner, faces Scott Miller, an engineer and agitating Argenta News blogger, for a North Little Rock School Board seat. Tenner's name recognition gives her an edge, Argentans tell me.

UPDATE: Shows you what Argentans and I know. Scott Miller is the apparent winner in NLR, 106-85. A big early vote edge in his favor gave him the margin, with only a one-vote margin in election day voting. No contested tax millages, so the existing rates prevailed regardless, but note that Little Rock and North Little Rock voters approved the millage, Pulaski County voters did not.

ALSO: The early vote in Fayetteville went heavily for the tax increase for the new high school -- 1,175 to 630 -- but they're still counting election-day votes. Oh, us of little faith.

UPDATE: The tax for the high school, despite the early vote, was soundly defeated, by a whopping margin of 59-41. Chris Spencer at Ozarks Unbound has details.


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