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Content of our character



Former Judge Wendell Griffen has a knack for riling certain people -- particularly conservative Republicans and Arkansas Dixiecrats.

So for this slow, rainy Sunday, why not pass along his speech to the state NAACP banquet last night on the ways we reflect the "content of our character." He covers Sarah Palin, George W., Henry Gates and lots more. For example:

And what does it say about the character of a society when politicians and pundits who quietly watched a white president start a war that should never have begun, take the national economy to the point of ruin, and actually praise people who engaged in vicious and violent conduct, now openly denounce the motives and efforts of a black president trying to end that war, save the economy, and hold people who may have committed crimes during it accountable for their deeds?

The content of our character is on display when Russ Limbaugh can openly hope that a new black president (President Barack Obama) fails. It is on display when people in Arizona will carry loaded semi-automatic weapons to public events where the black president is speaking. It is on display when a white pastor and his congregants will pray to God for the death of the black president, and pray for his wife to be widowed and his children to be orphaned. 

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