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Madame chairwoman UPDATE



Does Sen. Blanche Lincoln's rise to Senate Agri chair help her re-election bid? Doesn't hurt, DeMillo analysis says.

Still more money from the sector, sure. (Her seat on Finance brings plenty of dough, too.) But that special interest money gives opponents a handy crowbar, too.

It's a stature thing, and she could use one. I'm still of a mind that it's not much of an Arkansas vote mover, however.

J. William Fulbright was chairman of the prestigious Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

UPDATE: Brummett thinks it's a real winner for Lincoln.

The Republican nominee against Lincoln, whoever it is, will still run strong in suburban areas and large communities and Northwest Arkansas. But people in rural Arkansas, who still can dominate a statewide election, will have a hard time coming up with a practical reason to vote against Lincoln’s re-election.

Obama can’t be so bad that they’d throw out an agriculture chairman. Could he?

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