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9/11 'training exercise'



With the Obamas at a 9/11 event not far away, the Coast Guard undertook what was apparently an unannounced training exercise on the Potomac River in Washington. Some reports indicated the exercise included gunshots, but those may have been based on overheard radio traffic. Everybody is mighty jumpy about it, as you can imagine.

Coast Guard statement on jump.


WASHINGTON — The U.S. Coast Guard reported on Friday that reports in the media were based on overheard radio calls made over a training frequency.

We are still gathering information of how this training event might have been misconstrued as an actual incident. We will conduct a thorough review of this incident.

There were Coast Guard boats were operating in the vicinity of 14th Street and Memorial Bridges this morning. Whether or not these were the same boats using the marine radio frequency used for training purposes has not yet been confirmed.

The best way that we in the Coast Guard can remember Sept. 11 and our security obligations to the nation is to be always ready and this requires constant training and exercise.  To ensure the appropriate readiness posture we conduct training scenarios across the nation on a daily basis.

How and when this exercised was conducted will be reviewed.

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