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That dangerous speech UPDATE



Just read that Obama speech for school kids that has all the right-wingers' panties in a wad. It's radical only in its length, way beyond the attention span of most kids, including me. Partisan, it's not, unless you don't agree that it's a good thing to study and get good grades. God forbid the kids in Cabot or Fayetteville should hear such scary ideology. Yawn.


UPDATE: The Fayetteville Flyer is Twittering that the Fayetteville school supt. has apologized for "confusion" about the district's original announcement that the Obama speech will not be shown there. She says any student who wishes to see the speech will be allowed to do so "one way or the other." 'bagger pushback works?

ON THE JUMP: LR School Board member Micheal Daugherty offers commentary on the Obama speech.

It’s absolutely amazing to see those who scream the loudest about all the things that matter in our society are also the ones who do the least to make them better. At this point we are faced with some very grave challenges when it comes to a number of things in our society with the least of these being whether or not a politician listens to our every complaint or desire. One of our highest priorities today is educating our children to a level where they can outperform children from every other nation in the world. But that’s hard to do when teachers have to compete with cell phones (texting), Game Boy, Nintendo, Play Station, 24-hour television broadcast, etc…

If President Obama’s speech reaches half the audience for which it is intended and it affects them in a positive manner, then it would have been worth all the rhetoric and impudence those who continue to challenge his efforts have displayed.  One of the few things I’ve learned in this world is people in high places have a better view of what’s going on in it and considerably more information that the average citizen. We need to continue to be vigilant but not childish and petty. Remember, President Obama hired some of the smartest people in the free world to assist him in making decisions for our country. So, the next time you want to complain about the President, remember you are complaining about some of the most brilliant minds these United States of America have to offer. 

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