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Corpse abuse in LR


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The LRPD just faxed over information that a man walking in Calvary Cemetery at 20th and Woodrow, the Catholic cemetery, noticed yesterday that two caskets and the marble facings of a mausoleum had been exposed and defaced and an urn was stolen. Officers collected a beer can from the scene; the witness said he'd seen three men drinking from a bottle at 4:45 p.m. yesterday near a car in the cemetery. A press conference is set for noon; will update afterward.

A familiar name among the disturbed remains: Matilda Tuohey, who worked at the Arkansas Gazette.

UPDATE: Diocesan vice chancellor for administrative affairs Dennis Lee (shown above in front of the mausoleum) met briefly with reporters in front of the mausoleum where the damage was done. All the facings have been replaced with new marble or repositioned and the urn that was missing was found this morning, he said. He said he had no idea what motivated the incident. On the jump, information from the police incident report.

By the way, I regret the unfortunate placement of this entry above the previous on the blog. They were being written around the same time.  


The police report says that a man who noticed some marble facings knocked down at the mausoleum at about 4:45 p.m. The man said he returned to the cemetery about 6:30 p.m. and noticed a casket visible and called 911.

The report said the marble facings -- on which the name of the deceased is engraved -- covering the niches for the urns of James Z. Greeley Jr., Henry Johnson Jr., Harold K. Humphrey and Tuohey had been pried open and broken and Greeley's urn was missing when the police first arrived at the scene.

Marble facings from the casket shelves for Thomas A. Fuzzell, Shirley E. Fuzzell, Michael D. Watson, Gertrude F. Higgins, Ignatius Higgins Jr. and an empty space had been damaged. One casket had been pulled out and pry marks were visible on it.

The man who called police that he'd seen three men drinking from what appeared to be whiskey bottles standing near a vehicle at about 4:45. Crime scene investigators found a beer can near one of the caskets. A Diocesan worker at the cemetery said that one of them claimed that a rock from a lawnmower at the cemetery had knocked out a car window.

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