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The State Fair wants out of its long-time location in a poor neighborhood (so happens to be majority black) in a difficult-to-reach part of Little Rock.

News today is that Carlisle is first in line with an application to be the new host. Sure. And more cities will come by the Sept. 15 deadline. Everybody has land, particularly from failed industrial parks that never were. These dreamed-of industrial magnets lacked the same thing any realistic notion about moving State Fair lacks -- capital. It will taken tens of millions to build roads and new buildings to house the fair.

Not to worry. The state is awash in money to move the fair to shiny new facilities somewhere out in the countryside. Why, I bet somebody would be happy to sell some bonds to move the process right along.

Would moving into the Grand Prairie, miles from the state's biggest population center, reduce attendance? What do you think?

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