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Checking in



I'll be hanging around San Diego and environs the next few days. Rummaging through my mail after arrival, I find:

* As expected, Mike Huckabee is helping Senate candidate Curtis Coleman -- a $500-a-head fund-raiser at the Huckabode Sept. 21.

* Passions are running high on Eat Arkansas. Burger mania, call it.

* Sherwood Civil Service Commission needs some instructions in the open meetings law. According to a report I've received, they allowed a still camera in the meeting today, but not a TV news camera. Chairman reportedly said TV cameras encourage "drama." Sheesh.

* Repubs raising heck about House Speaker Robbie Wills' expensive public relations initiative. As I said, it's an insiders' deal.

* Oh, and from NWA, for lawyers and their fans, a little legal correspondence up Rogers way.

* Levi disses Caribou Barbie in Vanity Fair.

Weather's lovely here, but not as lovely as it's been in Arkansas last few days.

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