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TR dodges hoosegow



I can't begin to tell you how many other loose ends still trail from the financial disaster that is former Sheriff and Congressman Tommy Robinson, but I can tell you that he won a victory at the 8th U.S.. Circuit Court of Appeals today.

A panel ruled that he had been improperly held in criminal contempt of a bankruptcy court order. That frees him from a 60-day jail sentence and $5,000 fine. The court concluded it couldn't be said beyond a reasonable doubt that Robinson knowingly violated a bankruptcy court order by filing a separate action in state court.

But on larger issues, the court found that awards of attorney fees against Robinson were appropriate. And it affirmed the finding that Robinson and his wife had knowingly and fraudulently provided inaccurate information in the bankruptcy. TR is going to have to peddle a lot of booze at his Brinkley liquor store to pay his accumulating obligations.

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