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Attack from the right



National political media are interested in the possibility that U.S. Sen. Blanche Lincoln might face a Democratic primary challenge from state Sen. Bob Johnson. (Another so-called conservative who loves spending buckets of pork money on his special needs and friends.)

Here it's Politico with a report.

Running to Lincoln’s right would be an unconventional strategy in most state Democratic primaries, where the party base is usually made up of liberal activists. But that’s different in Arkansas, where many conservatives — particularly in the rural parts of the state — still register with the Democratic Party and often disagree with the national party leadership.

The conservative state is dominated by Democrats at the local level, and five of its six members of Congress are Democrats — even though the state gave 59 percent of the vote to John McCain in last year's presidential election.

I think this guy is wrong. Lincoln isn't perceived as a liberal by Arkansas Democrats. Ask some liberal Democrats who've lost to her. East Arkansas, with its strong minority vote, will turn out for Bob Johnson? Pulaski County, which provides liberal U.S. Rep. Vic Snyder the margin he needs to return to Congress every term? Washington County and Benton County, the former liberal and the latter, among remnant Democrats, pretty liberal, too?  The farm subsidy-backing, estate-tax-overturning, friend-of-the-banker Lincoln a liberal susceptible to a primary challenge from the hard right? I just don't see it.

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