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How about some good news? It's in a New York Times Sunday magazine article about global efforts to improve the lot of women as an effective way to fight poverty and extremism. Where women are marginalized, the article says, countries tend to be impoverished and mired in chaos. (Men tend to be sorry, in other words, but you knew that.)

The success stories include that of Tererai Trent (pictured), a cattle herder in Zimbabwe who became educated over the objections of her husband and now is headed to a Ph.D. thanks to the encouragement of Little Rock-based Heifer International.

This story is by no means all good news. It  illustrates the injustices done to women -- bride burnings in India for inadequate dowries; inadequate care of female infants in China; "missing" women globally; childbirth deaths, etc.

Trent's story is the hopeful, closing story of the long piece.



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