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Mike Ross to working poor: Screw you



U.S. Rep. Mike Ross needs another taxpayer-financed junket to glamorous ports of call. Overwork seems to have caused him to let too much of his true Blue Cross Democrat colors show. To the 1 in 4 people in his district who don't have health coverage, Ross blows a big fat raspberry.

Rep. Mike Ross (D-Ark.) said on Wednesday that providing healthcare to uninsured Americans is "not what this healthcare reform debate is about."

It's about cost-containment for the fortunate, Ross indicates. But not, of course, if it means cutting Blue Cross profits or those of the other lucky ducks in the medical industrial complex.

Ross not only backs, but boasts about, a mean, self-interested and politically craven agenda. He tells the uninsured to go to hell. He'd also prohibit insurance companies from paying for abortions, no matter the risk of pregnancy to the mother or the inviability of the fetus and no matter if the government bore none of the cost. He won't let government provide medical care, no matter how successful you might find Medicare or the VA system. (Why hasn't he called for their abolition, by the way?) Sick visitors from foreign countries? Screw them, too. Let 'em die if they wash up here without a paid-up Blue Cross policy in their pocket. Rationing of care? Not for Mike Ross. Except, of course, for the poor bastards who don't have health insurance or a cent to pay a doctor for so much as a tetanus shot, never mind a coronary bypass. They will continue to have 100 percent of their health care rationed.

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