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The D-G this morning followed up on a spate of car break-ins in Prospect Terrace that we mentioned a few days ago. I was interested by the admonition by one person quoted that residents should be sure to lock their cars.

My contrary view based on years of multiple car break-in experiences: If you don't lock your convertible, the top doesn't get slashed. If you don't lock your car, your window doesn't get broken. If you keep your car UNlocked with nothing inside to take, you'll make fewer trips to the repair shop and suffer no property loss. (Car theft? someone asks. Locked doors won't prevent that. It also seems clear that the car thieves are mostly looking for quick sellable property such as iPods, phones, etc., not cars.)

An empty-handed would-be thief did leave a door ajar on my curbside clunker the other day and I suspect that's what drained the battery.

Now tell me what to do about the perp who stole my plastic pot with a small ivy "tree"? What pawn shop wants that?

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