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In defense of the Postal Service



Well, it is kind of a defense of USPS. John Brummett notes the many ways in which the government provides what could be called competition to private enterprise -- libraries, fitness centers, mail delivery -- and private enterprises seem none the worse for the wear.

I also happen to be reasonably satisfied with the Postal Service, which makes home deliveries on fairly reliable terms five six days a week, not only in my efficient-to-serve urban neighborhood but in sometimes fabulously expensive deliveries  to remote places. Why? Because government has deemed universal information delivery a vital element of promoting the general welfare of our citizens. (That "general welfare" phrase is a constitutional preamble, 'baggers.) 

In short, does anybody but an odd assortment of cranks think Americans should not be provided universal mail delivery by the government?

Sadly, many others, including most of the gang up at Rep. John Boozman's town hall, don't feel so strongly about universal health care. On that, schlub, you're on your own. Expect government to deliver you doctor bills, not to keep you alive.


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