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More on turrible socialized medicine



Brits are flooding Twitter with tributes to their nationalized health care. Go here for #welovethenhs. (This so-called Twitter "hash tag" is getting so much use it's acting a little hinky. You might want to just go to and search for the NHS trending topic.) But if you can get the hash tag feed, it updates continuously with new posts.

Typical comment:

UK health system:designed to help patients,sometimes fails. US system:designed to screw patients usually succeeds.

I'd so much rather have a system where some people can afford quality health care and millions of others cannot. It is the American way. You should take a gun to a town hall meeting to demonstrate how serious you are about this, if you have not already. 

It is also elemental American fairness that hospitals and doctors may bankrupt working people (or their families should the patient not survive) to receive compensation for the services they've provided. How else can they make their own BMW payments?

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