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Looking for a GOP candidate



Who will run for governor as a Republican in 2010?

Good question. Jason Tolbert first reported today that Donnie Copeland, an Apostolic pastor in North Little Rock, had dropped his brief plans to seek a statewide office in 2010, perhaps governor. Copeland called me later. He said the time was not right. Next year at least.

So how about the anonymous letter I received this afternoon, crammed with realistic-sounding details about Republican politics? Maybe the letter is an elaborate hoax. But it said Alice Stewart, Mike Huckabee's former press spokeswoman,  might be at least toying with the idea of making the race. The former TV newswoman has gotten a bit of national exposure lately as a political commentator on Fox News. She's been doing press work as well for the Arkansas Republican Party.

I tried to reach her by telephone to say yea or nay, but RPA HQ had closed for the day. I say why not? Arkansas is overdue to elect a woman governor. My only question is whether she'd put me on her press release list. (So far, she has done so for RPA mailings.)

UPDATE: Ah, too bad. Tolbert says Alice says no go for a gubernatorial candidacy.

A nation turns its lonely eyes to Gilbert Baker -- not for governor, but U.S. senator. The Repubs need some heft or excitment somewhere at the top of the ticket for critical turnout for legislative races.

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