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Sen. Lincoln on health care



Jason Tolbert, the Bloggin' Republican, got an interview with Sen. Blanche Lincoln today and asked any and all questions potential opponents might like to put to her, seems like. She said this about her quickly retracted remark that some of the protests at health care forums were un-American.

“I am sorry I said that because I believe that every American has the right and should have the opportunity to voice their concerns and to speak out.  Certainly that is a part of our free experience in this country.  I probably misspoke when using that word.  But I also have to believe and I know that most Arkansans were raised like I was.  My parents raised me to be the best possible American I can be, the best possible Christian I can be, the best possible neighbor I can be – to be respectful.  And I think that is what is important… It was a poor choice of words and I never intended for it to be meant that way, but I think it is important for us to put aside the differences and making sure we remember that our conversations be respectful – that we can disagree without being disagreeable.”
When asked if Nancy Pelosi should follow her example apologize for her comments as well she said, “I don’t know how she used it but possibly she should.”

Absent anything else to talk about (the GOP has no health plan of its own), Ark. Republican Party chair Doyle (Where there's a will there's a ) Webb has scheduled a news conference tomorrow to reiterate for, oh, the eleventieth time in the last four or five days that it is un-American for Lincoln to disparage people for voicing their opinions.

It is NOT, however, un-American to disparage people who won't let other good Americans be heard. It is also NOT un-American to call a moonbat a moonbat. The Bronx cheer is all-American.

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