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GOP to double-dippers: Resign



The Republican Party makes hay of the reports that county elected officials have finagled retirement pay while still serving without actually terminating employment.

Little Rock, AR – In view of the revelations exposed by Rep. Allen Kerr (R-Little Rock) and Attorney General Dustin McDaniel’s opinion on retirement benefits received by a select group of elected county officials, Republican Party of Arkansas (RPA) Chairman Doyle Webb has issued the following statement:
“It is apparent that many of our elected county officials have manipulated the laws of Arkansas for their personal gain and have lost the trust of the people.  We call on those double dipping elected officials to resign their office and repay the funds they improperly received.”

Speaking of double-dips, I saw this Twitter from George Hopkins at the Arkansas Teacher Retirement System today:

Concern exists about ATRS termination rules being followed by rehired members. ATRS will review relevant information and ensure compliance

UPDATE, the ATRS twitter later added this:

ATRS is also beginning to review past failures to report earnings over the limitation. One recent violation resulted in over $110,000 debt.


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