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Sure weird: Or is it Reno 911?



J. Pat Lynch has the jump on some wild and woolly allegations of sexual harassment in the Sherwood Police Department. The Stephens Media Group keeps content of its Sherwood newspaper, the Voice, off-line until a couple of days after publication so I can't link it yet.

A panting reader with access to an old-fashioned print edition, however, passed along some highlights from Bill Lawson's story.

Detective Beverly Hughes said in a complaint to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that she was fired for insubordination after reporting to superiors another cop's retelling of a lurid dream about her. Among other things, she reported that he had recounted to her that  "he was f***ing the s*** out of me." He got a seven-day suspension, the article says.

Hughes also said that, when she lost hair after treatment for breast cancer, that she was ordered not to wear blue or red scarves because they were "gang colors." 

Also, Police Chief Kelvin Nicholson played, apparently for sheer entertainment value, video of deer having sex. He told the newspaper Hughes didn't object, reportedly saying it was "just nature."

There are other allegations of disparate treament. One female cop said she was fired for joking about working a week in a Nevada brothel while a male cop was only disciplined for having sex in a patrol car with a Waffle House waitress. The women's attorney, Robert Newcomb, said another male police office began a sexual relationship with a violator sentenced to community service work at police headquarters. The chief told the newspaper the couple merely met at work and the relationship began later.

The 'burbs aren't so quiet as they might appear.

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