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Teabaggers on parade





SPEAKING UP: A critic of the administration's health care plan gets the mike.


TAKING QUESTIONS: Reps. Snyder and Ross.

A noisy contingent of critics turned out for the appearance at Children's Hospital of U.S. Reps. Vic Snyder and Mike Ross to discuss health legislation. We'll have video and more reporting soon..

Photographer Brian Chilson says the Q&A session was an emotional bout of hand-wringing and noisemaking. Snyder and Ross overruled a moderator's effort to end questioning, agreeing to take more. Several of the critical questioners came prepared with scripted questions. I hope they provided some information about themselves and their health insurance to reporters. If they're happy with their coverage, others not so lucky might like some tips.

One of the teabaggers says he pays all his health expenses out of pocket. So what's the beef with everyone else, he wondered? No comment necessary on this line of argument.

Secure Arkansas, the anti-immigration group, was on hand. Whatever happens, they want to make clear, no U.S. money should help a sick Mexican who washes up on these shores.

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