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Hutchinson in state Senate race



Jeremy Hutchinson had been dropping broad hints that he'd be making a race for state Senate this year and it would appear it's official. Details from the Tolbert Report.

The former state representative, who now practices law in Little Rock, will face at least state Rep. Dan Greenberg in the Republican primary race for the district, which covers parts of West Little Rock and Saline County. Hutchinson beat Greenberg once years ago in a special election for state representative, the percentage was roughly 60-40 Hutchinson.

A Democratic primary is shaping up as well between state Rep. Dawn Creekmore and Todd Witham.

Hutchinson, significantly, emphasized "effectiveness" in his pitch to Tolbert. He praised outgoing Democratic Sen. Shane Broadway for his effectiveness. No similar praised offered Rep. Greenberg. Hutchinson likely will bring up comparative legislative histories. Greenberg's supporters will utter the words "trial lawyer" as often as possible. It will be a fairly expensive race. Greenberg has loaned $100,000 of his personal wealth to his campaign. Hutchinson said he hopes to raise $150,000 or so.

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