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Shades of the Huck-a-hatch UPDATE



Way back in the dark ages when this blog broke the story that a deal was in the works to move the State Library and History Commission to the old Dillard's building on Main Street, several people suggested that the move was to create space in the Big Mac office building for legislative office space.

Roby Brock at Talk Business reports today that an item on a legislative committee agenda today indicates the rest of that puzzle is about to fall into place, now that work is underway on the old Dillard's building. And private office digs for hard-working legislators ain't all on the list of possibilities. Wouldn't want legislators to have to expose themselves to the elements walking to Big Mac hideaways. A tunnel between the Capitol and Big Mac seems also to be on the agenda.

Maybe they could funnel that once-planned executive office Huck-a-hatch into the tunnel, like a big old Magic Springs superslide.

UPDATE: Hard-working Jason Tolbert gets an update following the meeting from Rep. Greg Reep. He says the office project described by architects could cost $3.8 million. The tunnel? Who knows? Maybe millions more.  Jason notes the tunnel would save legislators a 125-foot walk. Rep. Reep observered it might be cheaper just to keep a supply of umbrellas handy.

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