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What's wrong with Mike Ross?



Not a thing is wrong with the Fourth District congressman insofar as his resistance to health care reform is concerned if you measure his performance by the feelings of the people he represents. They like Mike's point of view.

Talk Business Quarterly has some more poll data out today, this time what 600 Arkansans had to say on health care, as reported by a combine of Democratic and Republican leaning polling firms.

Obama might as well hang it up.

86 percent are at least somewhat satisfied with the quality of their health care.

74-16 respondents prefer private insurance to government insurance.

59-27 respondents prefer a system in which many have no health insurance over raising taxes to provide universal coverage.

A public option would mean real competition and lower costs. But most  Arkansans clearly have bought the argument that it means worse health care.

The president long ago lost his way with raging debates on dozens of arcane points in the broad-spectrum debate. The core issue has never changed. Every country in the civilized world covers ALL its citizens for less money than we spend. Result: they have healthier, longer living populations. The influence of big-spending lobbies and sophisticated PR campaigns have convinced Americans we're better off to pay more money for less, while we bankrupt some and utterly ignore tens of thousands of others.  Tell me again about American exceptionalism.

PS -- What would Wilbur Mills do?

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