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Meanwhile, back at the lottery



The lottery commission is meeting today. Much talk of cost cutting. Chairman Ray Thornton kindly referenced our earlier report on Rep. Dismang's comparative lottery expense numbers. (I think Thornton meant it kindly, but it's a little hard to tell from  various Tweets. All pub is good pub, we figure. UPDATE: See video from Jason Tolbert. I believe he was suggesting the figures we mentioned were worth as close a look as the repeated criticism about lottery pay.)

Fox 16 reports that the lottery will rent offices in Union Plaza for six years at $221,000 per year. Ground floor space for a claims center will be sought. Lease could include a three-year opt out. Several other downtown buildings considered, including Bank of America, Metropolitan Tower, Museum Center (home of temporary office), Comcast Building.

UPDATE: 11 jobs won't be filled and some pay may be reduced. This causes Chairman Thornton to worry about loss of quality. Some bicker ensued, Twitters say, between Commisioner Lamberth and Thornton.

UA wants lottery to put its advertising money into sponsorship of coaches' TV show. Whoa, baby. What about ASU, UCA, etc.?

Also potentially controversial: Passailaigue favors randomly generated numbers on-line over televised drawing from a bouncing ball machine. Much cheaper. He said people will trust it.

Savings may also come from outsourcing centers for winners' claims to banks.

Lots of Twittering blow-by-blow at Capsearch.

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