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What a wonderful day



Exhilarating is what it was. I had a beautiful walk in the 60-degree morning. A vibrant Q&A with Arkansas Governor's School Students. And, though I'm no golfer, it was great fun to watch an old fogey (meaning Tom Watson is my age) lead the (British) Open. The windswept open is always a highlight of mid-summer, because I can dream of cooler places.

Free-lance photographer Piney Woods captured the shot above of a crew gliding along the Arkansas River. The crystalline, low-humidity sky and uncommonly pleasant temperatures might have made you think it was Henley or Cambridge, but for the familiar skyline.

Don't get too carried away with pleasant thoughts. Elwood's photo below reminds us of the dark political urges that beat in the heart of some men.

This is, if you haven't guessed, tonight's open line. I think burgers are called for.


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