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Now he's concerned



Thanks to Blogger Jason Tolbert for catching House Speaker Robbie Wills blaming others for Breakfast at Tiffany's, otherwise known as the Arkansas Lottery Commission.

At least Wills is not throwing around football coach pay any more.

It's a fine mess. And I don't think it's fixable -- by cutting out broadcast lotto drawings, as Ernie P. suggested yesterday, or otherwise. They'll just have to plug along and hope a few jackpots and a functioning system obscure the cronyism and wasteful spending. You know, Ernie P., is kind of right. The state lottery does run like private business -- AIG, WAMU, etc.

I think the $70,000 (150 percent) raise for a country shurf was the backbreaker. As an Arkansas Leader editorial noted, Ernie P. created the highest paid law enforcement officer in Arkansas history.

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