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Now Beebe goes to meddling



Yesterday, Gov. Mike Beebe looked askance at state lottery pay. He's pushed it a step farther today, suggesting a review of salaries of people already hired. There's no legal procedure to do that, but Beebe clearly doesn't intend to get left on this controversy. Too bad he didn't get a good bit more involved early on. Here's a longer take on this Thursday remarks re the sourness building between lottery commission and some legislators. (Presumably everything is still perfect with Speaker Wills. It's just like football, see?)

The link includes a link to a video from Arkansas Business of Lottery Director Ernie Passailaigue defending the lottery salaries at yesterday's meeting.

UPDATE: Republicans sniff opportunity in the lottery hooraw. Blogger Jason Tolbert says House Minority Leader Bryan King will ask Lottery Commission Chairman Ray Thornton to step down. While we're calling for resignations, how about King's, a real tool?

Here's Tolbert's report on King's broadside (which some Republicans are carefully avoiding.)

Also on Tolbert, Cory Cox, a lawyer and former Huckabee administration, explains why exorbitant lottery pay is a bummer for other state employees.

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