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Another Ark. lottery jackpot



State Lottery Director Ernie Passailaigue said yesterday that he'd hired a security director. He'll pay about $115,000 for Lance Huey, who had been making about $46,000 as sheriff of Grant County. I guess Huey wouldn't have made the move for the mere $62,000 pay increase that would have paid him only at par with the director of the State Police. (Passailaigue said this comparison is apples and oranges. He told the Democrat-Gazette that the director of the State Police has lots of troopers to help him do his job.)

Comments Rep. Davy Carter: "Christmas in July continues at Ark. Lottery Commission."

It is probably only coincidental that Lottery Conmmission Chairman Ray Thornton has deep family roots in Grant County.  All in-state lottery hires so far have been chosen after extensive job searches and full application processes. Prior connections between those hired and key legislators or lottery officials have been strictly coincidental. (PS -- I've learned that at least one other person was interviewed for this opening.)

More lottery info: You might be interested in the timeline and organizational plan, including projected monthly sales, that Ernie P. has been distributing.

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