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Barracuda jumps to another ocean



The New York Times says:

Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska announced Thursday that she would step down by the end of the month and not seek a second term as governor, allowing her to seek the Republican nomination for president in 2012.

She'll step down July 25. Some cable talkers think this weird speech could be the end of her national ambitions and are quoting "sources" as saying that's her intention, to leave politics. Even some Republicans said the sports-metaphor-laden, disjointed talk was "bizarre." But I wouldn't be so sure this is disqualifying, certainly not with the zombie wing of Republican Party. And she did an awful lot of talk about serving larger purposes. She was savaged, however, in a recent Vanity Fair profile ("It came from Wasilla") and the talk today certainly didn't showcase a national prime-timer.

I prefer to say let the campaign begin -- Huck v. Palin in 2012. Just don't look for them on the same ticket. Not enough air in that room.

UPDATE: Uh oh, add meanness to cute white women to the conservatives' victimhood litany (you know Christian white males are the most discriminated against class in America.) Huck plays the victim card, too, to burnish his zombie love should she actually be exiting the stage:

 Mike Huckabee, who might be/have been a 2012 contender against Palin, said that “what she’s showing is what a lot of us loved about her: Her spunk.” He said that her supporters wouldn’t punish her decision: “They’re going to feel like she was, in essence, hounded from the opportunity to serve.”

UPDATE II: I don't have a clue what's on her mind. But MSNBC is running the full speech. It's the only way to appreciate what occurred today. She's a wackjob. Whatever her intentions, she's proved she's not fit to be president. Get the bugler. Blow "Taps." Stick a fork in Caribou Barbie. As a political force, she's done.

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