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Washington Post screws up



I predict by the end of the day the Washington Post will be falling all over itself to correct this monumental screwup, which has virtually every media website and blog on fire.

Times are tough for newspapers, yes. But tough enough to set up a series of sponsored dinners at the publisher's house where lobbyists pay $25,000 for access to off-the-record "salons" with government big shots and the newspaper's own editorial staff?


But, on the other hand. What would you pay to have dinner with me? Wait. Don't answer that question.

UPDATE: The explaining and clarifying has begun. Promotion "not properly vetted." Newsroom will not participate. Questions still about whether Obama administration had agreed to be marquee lures for lobbyists.

UPDATE II: Fuhgeddaboudit. Salons cancelled. Post has the scoop, naturally.

UPDATE III: Bidding for dinner with me has topped $3 on the Arkansas Times Facebook page. There's been one request for dinner with me and state Lottery Director Ernie P. I've set the price for that at $375,000.99. 99 cents for me and ...


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