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Murder suspect's momma tried



David Goins of Fox 16 lands an interview with the mother of the fourth teen, Antonio Terry, 16, (pictured in police mug shot) arrested  for killing a Southwest Little Rock man in a home intrusion burglary. It was a crime striking in its coldness based on reporting so far. Broad daylight. Little to steal. Violent punks with nothing better to do than kick a door down and kill the 67-year-old man inside because he didn't have much to give the robbers.

Goins interview doesn't dispel the coldness. His mother, who was at her son's court appearance said he didn't look at her and didn't appear to show remorse.

Katie Pierce, Terry's mom, says she's horrified her son is involved and did everything she could to try to keep from ending up in jail.

"He started getting tattoos, getting tatted up, and the streets just stole him from me,” Pierce says.

Terry and three others are charged with breaking into the home of Maurice Clark, 67, on Tuesday, robbing and killing him.  Terry denies shooting the homeowner, but his co-defendants say he did.

"He didn't have to be out there robbing anybody at all, trying to rob anyone, because we gave him everything,” Pierce says.  “Everything you can ask for as a kid."

Pierce says her only son started acting out four years ago when he was 12, stealing even from her.  He had been in the Division of Youth Services in Alexander three times, getting out most recently last May.  Pierce wanted him to stay longer or be put in drug rehab, anywhere but out on the streets.

"We tried everything,” Pierce says.  “I tried grounding him, taking phones from him, making him stay inside.  It just got to the point where it was going to be his way or no way."

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