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Kat Robinson has been to the Purple Hull Pea Festival in Emerson, where she caught a death-defying ride by a contestant in the women's division of the tiller races.

Her report:

So, had a great time at the Purple Hull Pea Festival.  But damn it was hot.  Thank goodness all the good stuff in the morning was indoors -- like the cornbread, pea, and peach cobbler cookoffs.  And the pea shelling competition.  And the pea dinner (which, by the way, was divine and clean and natural and worthy of remembering).
So it gets to be around 1 p.m. and there's the tiller parade.  And then some 3,000 people spend the next hour and a half sitting out in the heat waiting for the tiller races to begin.  We're talking about 104 degrees;... there were some areas under blue tarps and a little shade here and there, but not a whole hell of a lot.
This here?  Is the one race I got to see run, the women's division:
After that blowout, there was a small problem.  With one tiller out, how could they race?  I stuck around a little while, but soon common sense came over me and I started heading back home.
I'll have the foodie bits on Eat Arkansas after I get home.  I'm about at Malvern now (yes, I did pull over) and am looking forward to my recliner and a nice tall glass of iced tea.

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