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Safecrackers at work



The State Police says officers are looking for help to solve a multi-state series of burglaries of discount stores. Who'd burglarize a Dollar Tree or Dollar General? Somebody looking to steal the safe, that's who. They've apparently hit in four states. Arkansas has been hit particularly hard -- a whopping 18 Dollar General burglaries all over the state since April (see list on jump).

Here's a surveillance photo of one of the masked burglars.

A series of discount store burglaries across four states has led to the Arkansas State Police joining with other law enforcement jurisdictions to investigate the crimes and attempt to identify any suspects.

Agents of the Arkansas State Police Criminal Investigation Division have been requested to assist in the continuing investigations already initiated by more than a dozen local law enforcement agencies across Arkansas.  Each of the burglaries has occurred at local Dollar General Stores and Dollar Tree Stores.  Police are also investigating similar burglaries in Louisiana, Tennessee and Mississippi and are sharing information with Arkansas authorities.

The State Police CID is providing investigative support and coordinating the sharing of investigative information among all law enforcement agencies.  In each of the cases there are similarities relating to the means used by the burglars to enter the store.  In each of the cases it appears the store safe is the primary objective for the burglars.

Video recordings of the break-ins are among some of the most valuable pieces of evidence already collected in the case files.  The Arkansas State Police is releasing a compilation of the videos in hope that someone may recognize the bandits who typically carry off their heists wearing bandanas or ski masks covering their faces.  A close-up photograph of one of the burglars is electronically attached to this news release.

Anyone with information about these burglaries or information that may lead to identifying suspects associated with these cases should contact their local law enforcement agency or the Arkansas State Police at (800) 553-3820.

The Dollar General burglaries in Arkansas:

Hot Springs 5/30/2009
Lonsdale 5/30/2009
Mount Ida 5/30/2009
Dardanelle 6/13/2009
Perryville 6/13/2009
Gurdon 6/15/2009
Maumelle 6/15/2009
England 6/21/2009
Rison 6/22/2009
Fordyce 6/22/2009
Conway 4/12/2009
Fayetteville 4/24/2009
Rogers 5/3/2009
Gentry 5/10/2009
Monticello 3/8/2009
Little Rock 4/20/2009
Jonesboro 5/12/2009
Kensett 6/19/2009

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