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Lottery pay: for the defense



Brummett further defends the $324,000 pay of the state's new lottery director, the high-paying staff he wants to bring in from South Carolina, etc.

Wait for results, he says.

One point overlooked: Among the 40 or so states that pay lottery directors less than Arkansas pays, were there other similarly experienced candidates who might have made the move for less? Moot point now, of course.

I am also not particularly warm to the argument that, because this money derives from voluntary gambling, that it's different from state jobs financed by pure taxes. It's a revenue flow that exists only on account of the state's franchise. It is state regulated. An extraordinary salary, particularly in coming years when the job is simply ministerial, with a dash of marketing, is an insult to the dozens (hundreds) of people who do far more important state work for much less.

If revenue flow is our sole measure, let's set up a crack corporate tax fraud unit and pay them a percentage of the money they turn up.

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